Chiropractors Robert and Deverie Tinnen spend a little extra time to better improve the alignment of joints in the body and help patients continue to do the things they love.

Robert adjusts and aligns joints throughout the body, including feet, knees, ankles, wrists, and shoulders.  He feels that this helps his patients improve faster and feel better. 

Robert has great success decreasing migraine headaches using a combination of Chiropractic adjustment, ultrasound, and massage. 
Dr. Robert Tinnen,
Dr. Deverie Tinnen,
Deverie uses lower impact techniques for patients who may have more worries about seeing a Chiropractor.  She uses adjustments of all the joints in the body and active muscle therapy to reduce pain and improve range of motion.

Deverie prescribes exercises to re-train proper muscle groups and lifestyle changes to prevent problems from recurring.

It is always free to stop in and ask what we can do for your health problems.

Compared to other Madison Chiropractors, we have the second most positive google reviews after only being open 1 year. 

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