Dr. Robert Tinnen, Chiropractor

I worked in hospital and medical center laboratories for 7 years after graduating with degrees in Microbiology and Medical Technology, including St. Mary’s Hospital and Access Community Health Center.

I returned to school at Northwestern Health Sciences University where I received a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine in April of 2009. 

My style of treating patients differs because I treat subluxations and muscle dysfunction not only in the spine but also throughout the body.  My patients generally experience a faster recovery because I take the time to adjust knees, hips, ankles, feet, shoulders, elbows, and wrists that may be out of alignment in addition to the spine.

My style of physiotherapy focuses on training patients to activate muscles that aren’t functioning properly rather than merely stretching or exercising spasmed muscles.  When these muscles are activated, less pressure is put on irritated joints, alignment is improved, and patients are less likely to have injuries in the future.

I am certified as a Nutritional Counselor by the Wisconsin Chiropractic Examining Board, and I often counsel patients on the best supplements or foods to help improve their condition.

Dr. Robert Tinnen,
Dr. Deverie Tinnen,
Dr. Deverie Tinnen, Chiropractor

I initially built a career as a Chemical Process Engineer in the computer disk drive industry.  I worked for 5 years in this field after receiving my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

I returned to school at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota.  I received the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic in November 2007.  I was previously licensed in Chiropractic and Acupuncture in the state of Minnesota before moving to Wisconsin in 2009.

My treatment style is holistic as I feel it is very important to consider the patient’s physical body, emotional state, and lifestyle when addressing a problem.  I uses adjustments of all the joints in the body and active muscle therapy to reduce pain and improve range of motion.  I believe that changing daily activities and thought patterns can immensely affect pain and rehabilitation.

I prescribe exercises to strengthen and re-train proper muscle groups and lifestyle changes to prevent problems from recurring.

I am currently working towards certification for Nutritional Counseling through the Wisconsin Chiropractic Examining Board.